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How to pair your iPhone with your bluetooth in your Toyota:

On your Phone:
- From the main screen, select the settings icon.
- Select general
- Select bluetooth
- ensure bluetooth is turned ON
- The phone will seek out the available bluetooth devices, once your car is located, click on it.

On your display audio:
- Press the setup button on the faceplate, then touch bluetooth
- Touch add new device
- Touch search for bluetooth devices
- A list of discoverable devices will appear, touch your phone name to pair
- A message will appear to direct you to start the pairing process, touch pair
on your phone when prompted.
- A confirmation of the pair will appear on your phone when connected.

- The devices should now be paired. In order for the bluetooth to work in your vehicle, your
bluetooth must remain ON and discoverable while in the vehicle or in use.
Toyota Sienna Spare Tire
Customer Question - "I need to speak to someone about my Toyota Sienna van - there is a spare tire underneath it and I need to figure out how to get it down so I can use it"

Toyota Chat Answer - salesman Rafael Romero "Go to the right side of the vehicle, open the sliding door. Right behind the passenger side, look under the carpet between the front seat and the middle seat there is a little screw under there. In the very back is the tool to help you screw that down - this is where the tire will release so you can change the spare."

Link to Toyota Sienna Manual

George Henaut's Question: When purchasing a 2013 Rav 4... what are the advantages/disadvantages of installing winter tires with 18" rims or 17" rims??

Toyota Chat Answer: Mr. Henaut the only advantage of getting winter tires for a Rav4 would be if you owned a 2 wheel drive; the 4 wheel drive or All wheel drive Rav4’s are already able to handle normal winter weather. All Rav4’s come standard with All Season Steel-belted radial blackwalls, and the rim size is determined by the trim level. The LE and XLE come with a 17’’ rim and the Limited comes with the 18’’ rim.

Overall our service manager says that with normal winter weather there is no advantage to getting winter tires vs. the one’s that come on the Rav4 to begin with, unless you live in a state in which winter weather occurs more frequently or tends to be a little harsher than in other states.

Ever wonder if your vehicle has a timing belt or a timing chain.... well this might help.

 Model Year  Engine   Belt / Chain / Gear
 4Runner  1990-2000, 2010  4-Cylinder  Chain
   1990-2002  V6  Belt
   2003-2013  V6  Chain
   2003-2009  V8  Belt
 Avalon  1995-2004   V6  Belt 
   2005-2013  V6  Chain
 Avalon Hybrid   2013  4-Cylinder   Chain
 Camry  1990-2001  All  Belt
   2002-2013  4-Cylinder  Chain
   1990-2006  V6  Belt
   2007-2013  V6  Chain
 Camry Hybrid  2007-2013  4-Cylinder  Chain
 Celica  1990-1999   4-Cylinder  Belt
   2000-2005  4-Cylinder  Chain
 Corolla  1990-1997   4-Cylinder  Belt
   1998-2013  4-Cylinder  Chain
 Cressida  1990-1992   L6  Belt
 Echo  2000-2005   4-Cylinder  Chain
 FJ Cruiser  2007-2013   V6  Chain
 Highlander  2001-2007, 2009-2013   4-Cylinder  Chain
   2001-2007  V6  Belt
   2008-2013  V6  Chain
 Highlander Hybrid  2006-2010   V6  Belt
   2011-2013  V6  Chain
 Land Cruiser  1990-1992   L6  Gear
   1993-1997  L6  Chain
   1998-2007  V8  Belt
   2008-2013  V8  Chain
 Matrix   2003-2013  4-Cylinder  Chain
 MR2  1990-1995   4-Cylinder  Belt
 MR2 Spyder  2000-2005   4-Cylinder  Chain
 Paseo  1992-1997   4-Cylinder  Belt
 Previa  1991-1997   4-Cylinder  Chain
 Prius  2001-2013   4-Cylinder  Chain
 Prius c  2012-2013  4-Cylinder  Chain
 Prius v  2012-2013  4-Cylinder  Chain
 Prius Plug-in  2012-2013  4-Cylinder  Chain
 RAV4  1996-2000   4-Cylinder  Belt
   2001-2013  4-Cylinder  Chain
   2006-2012  V6  Chain
 Sequoia  2001-2009  4.7 V8  Belt
   2010-2012  4.6 V8  Chain
   2008-2013  5.7 V8  Chain
 Sienna  1998-2006   V6  Belt
   2007-2013  V6  Chain
   2011-2012  4-Cylinder  Chain
 Solara  1999-2001   4-Cylinder  Belt
   1999-2009  V6  Belt
   2002-2008  4-Cylinder  Chain
 Supra  1990-1998   L6  Belt
 T100  1995-1998   4-Cylinder  Chain
   1993-1998  V6  Belt
 Tacoma  1995-2013  4-Cylinder  Chain
   1995-2004  V6  Belt
   2005-2013  V6  Chain
 Tercel  1990-1998   4-Cylinder  Belt
 Truck  1990-1995  4-Cylinder  Chain
   1990-1995  V6  Belt
 Tundra  2000-2004   V6  Belt
   2000-2009  4.7 V8  Belt
   2005-2013  V6  Chain
   2007-2013  5.7 V8   Chain 
   2010-2013  4.6 V8  Chain
 Venza  2009-2013   All  Chain
 Yaris  2007-2013  4-Cylinder  Chain

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